Title of the project: Play & Learn Romania

Type of the project: Educational project

Target audience: Young people from high Schools and Universities (15-22 years old)

Time frame: September – December 2019


The main objectives of the project are:

  1. To increase knowledge, awareness and understanding of NATO, its values and its longstanding role in safeguarding global security;
  2. To highlight and reflect upon seven decades of NATO’s transatlantic cooperation to promote peace and safeguard the freedom of its citizens, honoring the past of the organization while looking towards the future.
  3. To produce content about NATO of enduring value, which can be shared widely within and outside traditional NATO and NGO networks.
  4. To showcase NATO as an Alliance for the 21st century, relevant to all generations, but especially young people


The game is designed to have 4 levels of difficulty. Each player has to register before starting the game which will help us measuring the number of young people who are interested and their level of knowledge and understanding. The players can also compare their results (in points) with the rest of the registered participants.

The target audience of the project will be successor generation (young people from 15 – 22 years old) who usually no longer link NATO to peace or peacekeeping and also broader, non-specialized publics who may not have a college education, who normally haven’t been exposed to NATO as a relevant factor in today’s international military and political fields.

The project will use an innovative method of sharing information about NATO via new technology. Тhe game will increase students interest in learning new information as well their sporty drive so they can compare their knowledge with their friends and classmates.

Via the project activities the game will reach more than 200 young people and their teachers from, but not exclusively, Arad, Timisoara and Oradea.


This project was granted to Asociatia Activ pentru Comunitate and is sponsored by NATO’S Public Diplomacy Division.



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